Tim Conlan Woodworks

Tim Conlan - Custom furniture, cabinetry, finish carpentry and general construction in Bozeman, MT and beyondAfter several years of on the job training as a carpenter, Tim enrolled in a two-year Fine Woodworking program at the Primrose Center in Missoula, MT in 1983. Since that time, his involvement in the trades has included a variety of projects ranging from custom furniture to built-ins, cabinets, finish carpentry and general construction.

Tim’s range of skills goes beyond his furniture. He’s worked for many years as a finish carpenter in the Bozeman area. He especially enjoys applying the finishing touches to home interiors. The attention to detail and meticulous hand that is required in fine furniture easily carries over into finish work, general construction and contracting.

Other skills include all aspects of general carpentry and general contracting.

There is a natural progression in most occupations to graduate from simply following instructions to taking on more responsibility and leadership. Tim enjoys working directly with clients to achieve their construction goals. He especially enjoys contracting remodel projects where he can have a more “hands-on” approach to the project. “These types of projects allow me to stay directly involved with the work and apply my trade and leadership skills. I’ve drawn up plans for submittal to the city building department and managed a variety of subcontractors. I’ve also designed kitchen and bathroom layouts, framed additions, sheet rocked, taped, painted and wallpapered to ensure the success of a project and the satisfaction of a client.”

Tim derives great satisfaction through woodworking because it provides a creative outlet where he can combine an aesthetically pleasing form with a practical function that will last for generations.

“Part of my furniture design is driven by the practical needs of the client. I especially enjoy the challenge of integrating their needs into my own ideas of what will make the piece a hit.

“It’s great to have a functional piece that beckons to be touched. When the viewer or user gets that look of amazement, walks around the piece to see all its features or intricacies and then starts asking all sorts of questions about its design and construction, I’m satisfied with my creation.”